1. To promote Made-In-Nigeria Products and Services to global markets.

2. To facilitate market development and distribution channels for Made-In-Nigeria Products And Services globally.

3. To create public awareness of the role of patriotic commitment in public and private sector enterprise and leadership towards patronizing Made-In-Nigeria Products and Services.

4. To advocate for Trade Policies and Market Development Incentives suitable for the growth of local and foreign markets for Made-In-Nigeria Products and Services.

5. To coordinate the display and promotion of Made-In-Nigeria Products and Services, assisting Nigerian producers and suppliers to become more competitive and have a greater share in the global economy.

6. To serve as an integrated trade and investment information center for investors/manufacturers, researchers and traders. To match-make local, producers and manufacturers with local and foreign investors markets, and appropriate technology and Capacity Building relevant to products development.

7. To foster cooperation and partnership between SMEs in Nigeria and their foreign counterparts for effective market networking; And to spotlight the problems currently facing Nigerian manufacturers and service providers with a view to finding sustainable solutions.

8. To collaborate with Government Agencies and Parastatals to promote Made-In-Nigeria Products And Services in Nigeria and overseas markets. To expose Nigerian producers to foreign and local investors, financial Institutions and other aid agencies.

9. To design and implement an effective marketing support programmes for Made-In-Nigeria Products And Services.

10. To identify and source appropriate technology for production that will enhance global competitiveness of Made-In-Nigeria Products and Services.

11. To mobilize SMEs at the grassroots towards active participation and partnership in reviving the Nigerian industries. To encourage healthy competition amongst Nigerian Small and Medium Enterprises, producers in the States and local governments, towards achieving products excellence and to checkmate inflation and poor quality products.

12. To create massive awareness campaign programmes to change the negative attitude of Nigerians towards Made-In-Nigeria Products And Services, using the Mass Media, (Electronic and Print) Home Movies, Internet, Seminars and Workshops.

13. To encourage Small and Medium Scale Industries to showcase and promote their products and services in Made-In-Nigeria Products Trade Fairs.(MINPPRAEXPO)

14. To build strategic Made-In-Nigeria Shopping Plaza across the major commercial cities of Nigeria and worldwide to enhance market networking.

15. To identify with Nigerian Hotels, Schools, Hospitals, Churches, Mosques, Ministries and the Armed Forces/Paramilitary Agencies as effective campaign platforms and partners to promote and revive the spirit of proudly buying and using Made-In-Nigeria Products And Services.

16. To identify and sensitize Nigerians in Diaspora as a huge market for Made-In-Nigeria Products And Services.

17. To establish thirty-six State Chapters of Made-In-Nigeria Products Promotion Agency with State Coordinators to lead a national campaign to promote Made-In-Nigeria Products And Services.

18. To showcase Nigerian investment opportunities, raw materials, products and services to attract foreign investment Etc.