As the name indicates our agency is dedicated to the promotion of Made-ln-Nigeria Products and Services to global markets, MINPPRO was jointly created by promoters of Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in the private sector and agencies of the Federal Government of Nigeria to serve as the apex organization to coordinate the promotion and enthronement of total patronage and preference for Made-ln-Nigeria Products and Services both in Nigeria and oversea markets.

Globalization has challenged developing nations like Nigeria to compete for greater market share and attract Foreign Direct Investments (FDls) in the highly competitive global economy. As the World Trade Organization (WTO) continues to work on the elimination of national tariff and non-tariff, barriers to trade, global markets have emerged as the most relevant playing field of economic activities.

The projection of International Trade Center (ITC) is that by the end of 2007, the value of International trade in services between nations would be about $3.126 trillion per annum the bulk of this growth is expected to come from developing countries of which Nigeria is one. The export of goods and services is therefore a major income earner for Nigeria especially as the nation continues its integration into the global economy. However, findings have revealed that Nigeria is lagging behind in non oil-export of goods and services especially when compared to some other developing countries, as we are not rated as a rich country our oil not withstanding.

MINPPRO has therefore created appropriate programmes and strategies to effectively launch Nigerian products and services to the global markets and ensure Nigeria's meaningful participation to enhance benefits from the global economy. The unfair and stiff global economic competition has seriously contributed to stiffening local industries as foreign Consumer goods flood Nigerian markets, thus Nigerian consumers have developed an unpatriotic preference for foreign products contributing to the winding up of most indigenous industries, mass retrenchments and socio-economics tensions, massive unemployment and increase in crime rate in the country, especially among the youths.

It is against this backdrop that Made-ln-Nigeria Products Promotion Agency (MINPPRO), conceived this idea which is primarily geared towards, sustainable re-orientation and sensitization of Nigerians' mentality towards patronizing Made-ln-Nigeria Products and Services.

Made-ln-Nigeria Products Promotion Agency (MINPPRO) is fully registered in Nigeria as a Non-Governmental Trade Promotion OrganizatIon (NGTPO), to coordinate the promotion of all Made-ln-Nigeria Products and Services to global markets. MINPPRO was jointly conceived by promoters of SMEs in the private, sector and agencies of the Federal Government Of Nigeria, to serve as the apex organization that will co-ordinate the promotion and enthronement of total patronage and preference for Made-ln-Nigeria Products and Services both in Nigeria and international markets, and also interact with local and foreign markets for Nigerian products and services.

The Organization provides a forum for stakeholders' interaction and adopts a concerted approach to issues of strategic importance to the development of local and foreign markets for Made-ln-Nigeria Products and Services.

Our emphasis is on the revival and survival of our SMEs, the informal sectors and to industrialize this Nation, our focus is on the Non-oil sector of our economy. We tirelessly do as we can to encourage, assist, promote and create market for locally produced goods and services assisting SMEs and the informal sector operators to enhance the quality and competitiveness of their products and develop capacity building so that when they enjoy the required/desired patronage it will naturally lead to high productivity, self-reliance and sufficiency both for local consumption, and for export markets.

We work assiduously, to make or train' Nigerian Youths to think productively and to become wealth and job creators rather than habitual job seekers and dependants, this is the only antidote or panacea to poverty alleviation and reduction of the ever-increasing rate of crimes and other anti-social vices in our society.