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Welcome To The Official Website Of Made In Nigeria Products Promotion Agency (MINPPRO)................... Promoting & Enthroning Total Patronage & Preference For Made-In-Nigeria Products & Services Globally................... News Highlights: ................... We appreciate the President and Commander-in-chief of the armed forces President Muhammadu Buhari for his drive and promotion of Made-in-Nigeria Products................

As the name indicates our agency is dedicated to the promotion of Made-ln-Nigeria Products and Services to global markets, MINPPRO was jointly created by promoters of Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in the private sector and agencies of the Federal Government of Nigeria to serve as the apex organization to coordinate the promotion and enthronement of total patronage and preference for Made-ln-Nigeria Products and Services both in Nigeria and oversea markets.

Globalization has challenged developing nations like Nigeria to compete for greater market share and attract Foreign Direct Investments (FDls) in the highly competitive global economy. As the World Trade Organization (WTO) continues to work on the elimination of national tariff and non-tariff, barriers to trade, global markets have emerged as the most relevant playing field of economic activities.

The projection of International Trade Center (ITC) is that by the end of 2007, the value of International trade in services between nations would be about $3.126 trillion per annum the bulk of this growth is expected to come from developing countries of which Nigeria is one. The export of goods and services is therefore a major income earner for Nigeria especially as the nation continues its integration into the global economy. However, findings have revealed that Nigeria is lagging behind in non oil-export of goods and services especially when compared to some other developing countries, as we are not rated as a rich country our oil not more...

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The Agency's corporate and management structure comprises of the Governing Council, the Executive Committee, the Zonal Directors and State Coordinators.


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Made-In-Nigeria Product Patron Awards annually, to identify, recognize and honour individuals and organizations in public and private sectors who


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